October 20 2015 Episode 8: The Terminator Returns

Door games and sound bytes reign high, oh my!


Episode 8: The Terminator Returns — Kirkman Tue Dec 15 2015 02:20 pm CST

Yeah, this new demo is based on the same code I used to make the "girl
in the forest" parallax demo I posted on FB. The new one features art
by Whazzit of Blocktronics/Mistigris, and is more polished, and will
be in the next Mistigris artpack.

I'm hoping that my daughter and I can make something playable from my
'tileset' code. But I'm still busy drawing/adapting RPG tiles into
ANSI, and haven't done enough code work on the actual game.

Looking forward to it. I thought the demo you put on FB looked like > 16 colors, but I guess just the extra cells of a 132x60 terminal helped to create that effect. Very Zelda-esque, imho. Keep it up!

If anyone cares - I've opened my board up in case anyone would like to check out my newish "mermaid" parallax demo, the previous "girl in the forest" parallax demo, or the tileset game-in-progress.


The RPG tileset thing works in 80x24, but it's meant to be tried on a 132x60 console.

I'd love to get feedback from folks about the mermaid demos. I'm really curious how it performs for people across the country from me.


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