October 2 2015 Episode 7: When international travels and household disasters strike

Stephen and I return from an extended break, longer than anticipated, to discuss our travels and travails during our absence. We hope you enjoy, or at least don't hate it... too much:

October 20 2015 Episode 8: The Terminator Returns

Door games and sound bytes reign high, oh my!

November 4 2015 Episode 9: FastCGI support in sbbs and introducing JSDoor

We continue our weekly podcast on a bi-weekly basis:

November 10 2015 Episode 10: DashCams and Pixels

Hey look! Another episode:

November 21 2015 Episode 11: These go to eleven: WordPress, Win10 Update, and Zmodem

Happy Thanksgiving:

December 1 2015 Episode 12: Streaming Media Players, Reverse DNS, and MAME

The TechDorks welcome December with a brand-new episode!

December 8 2015 Episode 13: Special guest echicken, Synchronet web dev, and Mr. Robot

In lucky episode 13, we break the traditional duo with a special guest: Derek Mullin, a.k.a. echicken, of the ecWeb's, various Sync-JS door games, Canadian Ham (it's also a meat), and super-Synchronet-support giver.

December 24 2015 Episode 14: Christmas Eve shenanigans

At least one more episodes from your Dorks of Tech in 2015:

December 29 2015 Episode 15: Spoler Alert: The Force Awakens!

We managed to squeak another episode in before the end of the year:

January 6 2016 Episode 16: Fight-O-Net and Xbox One

Stephen and I usher in the new year with discussions of Christmas gifts and "birthday bug reports" from our friends in the FidoNet of Things:

January 27 2016 Episode 17: Projection and Instrumentation

Here ya go, another crafty episode:

March 1 2016 Episode 18: FBiPhone hack

More from your friendly Dorks o' Tech:

April 8 2018 Episode 19: Back in the Saddles Again

Okay, maybe it is a stupid title. But it's been a long time, so much has changed and it took a lot more time and work to get this one published than it should have, so I'm all out of creative ideas by now. :-) My mic audio is crap, I know, but that'll be fixed for the next episode. Anyway, after a 2 year hiatus, here it is:

January 31 2019 Episode 20: Deuceman Drunketh

A spontaneous voice conference between Stephen (Deuce), Darek (echicken), and Rob (digital man), results in a humorous though hardly educational episode: